Feed Hawk 1.5

Feed Hawk 1.5 is now available in the App Store. This update delivers three big sets of changes:

  • Feed discovery improvements
  • Support for JSON Feed
  • Better success and error notifications

Feed Discovery Improvements

Most sites link to their feeds from pages that are part of the site’s blog. Many do not link to those feeds from pages that are not part of the site’s blog. With this update, Feed Hawk will now look for a blog page and search that page for feeds if it does not find a feed on the current page. If you are visiting foo.com, Feed Hawk will look for a page at blog.foo.com and at foo.com/blog/. It will also look for links to a blog on the page you are visiting.

In addition Feed Hawk will now find the relevant blog feed, author feed, and tag feeds for any page hosted by Medium. Medium publishes these feeds but Medium pages generally only link to one feed or to no feeds at all. Feed Hawk now detects whether a page is served by Medium even if it does not have a medium.com URL. If the page is served by Medium, Feed Hawk will use its knowledge of where Medium feeds are located.

Support for JSON Feed

JSON Feed is a new feed format written by Manton Reece and Brent Simmons. If you are using a feed service that supports JSON Feed (Feedbin, Inoreader, or NewsBlur), Feed Hawk now discovers and allows you to subscribe to JSON Feeds.

Because JSON Feed is so new, most sites that publish JSON Feeds also publish RSS or Atom feed equivalents. Showing customers a list of feeds where some are essentially duplicates of others would make for a poor user experience. Therefore Feed Hawk will hide RSS and Atom feeds for the page if there are also JSON Feeds and you are not subscribed to any of the RSS or Atom feeds. It will hide the JSON Feeds if you are already subscribed to at least one of the RSS or Atom feeds and not to any of the JSON Feeds.

Better Success and Error Notifications

If you tap on the screen while Feed Hawk is displaying a confirmation message, Feed Hawk will now immediately dismiss that confirmation message. Feed Hawk now displays error messages in traditional alerts instead of in HUD windows.

If you enjoy using Feed Hawk or if you like these improvements, please consider leaving a review in the App Store.

CloudPull 2.8.2

CloudPull 2.8.2 is now available. I recently overhauled my online store and mailing list subscription mechanism. With this update CloudPull now communicates with the store and mailing list subscription mechanism using newer API endpoints.

CloudPull 2.8.1

CloudPull 2.8.1 is now available. The new version is signed with a new Gatekeeper certificate. The previous certificate expires on April 22. In addition, this update uses a newer version of MailCore and a newer version of Sparkle. MailCore is the IMAP library CloudPull uses to backup Gmail. Sparkle is the library CloudPull uses for its software update mechanism.

Feed Hawk 1.4

Feed Hawk 1.4 is now available in the App Store. With this update users log in to Inoreader using a newer Oauth (web-based) login system. The privacy policy has been updated to reflect that Inoreader now uses Oauth.

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Feed Hawk 1.3

Feed Hawk 1.3 is now available in the App Store. This modest update adds the ability to find feeds on sites that take advantage of frame-based URL forwarding.

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Move Away from Gmail Complete

The move away from Gmail is complete. Golden Hill Software accounts have been deleted from Google. I have updated the Feed Hawk privacy policy.

I want to clarify that this move has no impact on customers. The Feed Hawk privacy policy originally noted that email exchanged with Golden Hill Software went through Google Apps. It needed to be updated. That policy also stipulates that changes to the policy must be posted to this blog.

In addition I felt a need to be transparent with my CloudPull customers about this change. In particular I wanted my United States-based customers to know of my concerns in this political climate.

Update on Move Away From Gmail

This is an update on my move away from Gmail. Rerouting of email to FastMail happened on Friday, January 27. I said in my announcement that the Golden Hill Software Google accounts would be deleted today, February 1. However, the process of transferring the domain away from the Google reseller has not completed. I will post another update here and update the Feed Hawk privacy policy as soon as that transfer is finalized and the Golden Hill Software accounts are removed from Google.

Golden Hill Software Is Moving Away from Gmail

Golden Hill Software is based in the United States. I live in the United States. Google is a company based in the United States that, under certain circumstances, can be required to provide information it has about its users to the federal government. Recent changes to the leadership of the United States government make me extremely uncomfortable with this combination of circumstances. Therefore I am moving company email from Google to FastMail.

I continue to believe that Google treats the privacy of its users with respect, but I anticipate Google and many other United States companies facing extremely difficult decisions with regard to privacy. FastMail is based in Australia and has a respectable privacy policy. FastMail has servers located in the United States. A contact at FastMail assures me of the following:

Our primary servers are located in the US, however no staff in the US have credentials to access the servers. We take technical measures both to discourage seizure of our equipment by law enforcement, and to reduce the usefulness to them if this should occur. This currently mainly consists of encryption of our users’ data when it is stored on our servers. We don’t currently use any cloud computing services.

However, there is always a risk that some agent (be they law enforcement or criminal) may have covert access to our users’ data without our knowledge. Again, we take measures to prevent this, and we continually evaluate the situation and improve our countermeasures as appropriate.

I am also implementing the policy that email older than 30 days will only be stored on my devices and backups of those devices. Email will not sit on FastMail servers for more than 30 days.

I am continuing to sell and to support CloudPull. I have test accounts and will use them to test updates to the app. If you use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, or Google Contacts, I hope you use CloudPull to back up your account. However I do recommend carefully considering what personal data you continue to store on Google’s servers if you are located in the United States.

This is the timeline for these changes:

  • On Friday, January 27, I will route incoming email to FastMail.
  • Golden Hill Software accounts will be removed from Google no later than Wednesday, February 1.

I have updated the Feed Hawk Privacy Policy with this information.

Feed Hawk 1.2

Feed Hawk 1.2 is now available in the App Store. This update adds a variety of improvements:

  • Feed Hawk will now find RSS feeds that are only linked to from the body of the web page.
  • When allowing the user to select from a list of RSS feeds, Feed Hawk will display the URL to each RSS feed.
  • Feed Hawk contains a new certificate for pinning against the Feed Hawk Web Service.
  • When Feed Hawk asks the Feed Hawk Web Service for a list of feeds for a specific URL, it makes that request as a POST request rather than a GET request.
  • Lots of refactoring and performance improvements.

Two caveats to the change in which Feed Hawk will find links to RSS feeds from the body of the web page:

  • Feed Hawk will only check whether a link in the body of a page is to an RSS feed if its label or URL has one of a few keywords.
  • If there are more than 200 links in the body of the web page that meet that criteria, Feed Hawk will ignore them.

If Feed Hawk finds links in the body of the web page that are not in the header, it will submit the web page URL to the Feed Hawk Web Service. The privacy policy has been updated to reflect that.

If you use Feed Hawk, please consider leaving a review in the App Store.

Feed Hawk Update Adds Support for Fever and tt-rss

Feed Hawk 1.1 is now available in the App Store. The biggest improvements in this update are support for Fever and for tt-rss.

To work with Fever, Feed Hawk requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter.

To work with tt-rss, Feed Hawk requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and a version of tt-rss from August 30, 2016, or later.

Other improvements:

  • Feed Hawk is now more tolerant of URLs that cannot be parsed when reading lists of subscriptions from feed services.
  • Feed Hawk ignores feeds that require authorization and that have URL protocols other than HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Feed Hawk ignores feeds that appear to exist only on your local network, unless you are using a self-hosted feed service (Fever or tt-rss).
  • Feed Hawk now provides text to users logging in to a BazQux Reader account letting them know that they need a BazQux Reader Mobile Login.
  • The Feed Hawk app no longer looks for a URL in the clipboard when it is first launched. This worked well in iOS 9, but Universal Clipboard makes this slow down the user interface under some circumstances.
  • “Subscribe to Our Blog” on the Settings screen now uses a switch.
  • Feed Hawk is now using Swift 3.0 and is compiled with Xcode 8 against the iOS 10 SDK. Feed Hawk is also now using a different dependency manager.

The privacy policy has been updated to reflect the addition of the newly supported feed services. In addition, the link from the privacy policy to NewsBlur now uses HTTPS.

Feed Hawk 1.1 requires iOS 10.

Please consider leaving a review. App Store reviews are reset with every update, so if you left a review before please consider leaving one again. Thank you.

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Ready for macOS Sierra

Apple is scheduled to release Sierra (macOS 10.12) tomorrow. The most recent version of CloudPull runs well on this new version of macOS. If you do encounter any issues with CloudPull and Sierra, please let us know.

Ready for iOS 10

Apple is going to release iOS 10 tomorrow, September 13. Both of my iOS apps, Marcato and Feed Hawk, work well on iOS 10. Although no updates are needed to support the new version of the operating system, I do have Feed Hawk updates that I intend to announce very soon.